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Men's water ball BL: FTC and Szolnok also lost

In the 3rd round of the Manchester City Water Group A, FCC, Pro Recco, B, participating in Szolnok, visited the home of South Dubrovnik and the two Hungarians were defeated.

Pro Recco (Italian) -FTC-Telekom Waterpolo 9-6
(1-2, 2-1, 3-2, 3-1)

The Federal Trade Commission fought for one day in the Italian Pro Pro Recco and despite the difficulties the game started well. Although the three Olympic champions, Denise Varga, Slobodan Nikiks and Stefan Mitrovich did not travel to the squad because of the injuries, the green whites won the first quarter by 2-1. It is true that the second is lost in the same way, so the parties can fail to 3-3.

In the third third the Italians were fired and the targets were shot at the same time – Alessandro Velho, Philip Filipovic and Francesco Di Fulvio scored, only the Hungarian side managed to achieve only Szilárd Jansik.

The last quarter had an advantage for the hosts of 6-5, but Zolt Varga did not find the opponents of the defense of the Italian defenders, but the home teams had thrown their three goals within 8 minutes to which Vamos Marton answered. Recco won the 9-6 match and kept the foul.

Djog Dubrovnik (Croatian) -Szolnoki Dózsa 8-7
(3-1, 1-3, 2-3, 2-0)

Solonoc has not been hampered by problems (injuries) such as the FTC, but it is more difficult to start Team B at the Doug Dubrovnik home. In the first quarter he was a disadvantaged two-handed player, but in the second he managed to keep him in the first half thanks to Gergo Zalani (4-4) who made three of the four goals in the first half.

Zsivko Gocics's team did not pull the handbrake into the match and with good defensive protection from a man, he remained effective in the attack, winning the third quarter with 3-2. In the last eight minutes, however, Jaggut was hit hard and – after Bansi Boris was thrown – he turned the game eight and a half minutes before the end of the match.

Men's Water Ball
stage Group,
Pro Recco (Italian) -FTC-Telekom Waterpolo 9-6 (1-2, 2-1, 3-2, 3-1)
Sorrie. In:
Cancer (Serbian), Teixido (Spanish)
BIJAC – From Fulvio 2, Mandyx, Bukic, Molina, Velotha 1, Aikardi 1, Ecleka 2, Figari, Filipovic 1, Ivovich 2, Kayes. coach: Ratko Rudic
FTC: VOGEL SOMA – JANSIK SZ. 2, junior 1, Jaksics, Mezei 1, VÁMOS 2, Sedlmayer. Replacement: German, Gore-Nagy, Talai, Paul. coach: Zsolt Varga
Aims – The Advantage of Man: 9/2, respectively. 10/3
Goals – double win: 1/0, respectively. –
Purpose – five meters: 1/1, ill. –
Exposed (finally replaced): Jaksics (page 32), Aicardi (page 32)

Ratko Rudic: – We had a balanced match, we knew Frenzvaros was missing some of the major players we were prepared for. We did not start with a full swing, our attack was not effective, but as we progressed, we became more accurate. I am happy with the nine points that have been achieved so far.
Zsolt Varga: "Overall, I am happy, Vogel Soma is well protected, it is hardly noticeable in three quarters that we have several important players missing, and I am pleased with this because more people have taken their jobs and this shows how the team works. It is true that although we played well, the three points remained here, but recently this game is another story.

South Dubrovnik (Croatian) -Szolnoki Dózsa 8-7 (3-1, 1-3, 2-3, 2-0)

Dubrovnik. In: Naumov (Russian), Koryzna (Polish)
PAPADIK – MAKAN, Fatovic 1, Loncar 1, Jokovic 1, Garcia Gadea, Lozina, MERKULOV 2, Zuvela, Krzic, Benic 1, Papanazazazii 2. coach: Vekoslav Kobeskak
Solnock: Nagy V. – Battori 2, Plainovic 1, Angel, Jansik D., M. Alexic 1, BALLS 3. Replacement: Kis G., V. Rasovics, Lazics, Teleki, Szatmári. coach: Zivko Gocic
Aims – The Advantage of Man: 14/4, respectively. 8/5
Kipontozódott: Bátori (page 29)

Vekozlav Kobeesak: – Victor Nagy was well protected, which made our work very difficult. The minimum difference between the teams was that we can improve the pace at the end of the match. The audience played a significant role in victory, which meant a lot of support in their lives.
Zsivko Gocics: – It was a balanced match for each party, but this time it was not in our favor. Of course, we are not happy with the defeat, but the team fights with honor and makes the most of it. We were in the race from the first minute to the end, all my players were motivated and despite the result it was good to see.

Dynamo Moscow (Russian) -CNA Barceloneta (Spanish) 12-13
Brescia (Italian) -Crvena zvezda (Serbian) 7-2
ZF Eger-Steaua Bucharest (Romanian) 13-9

first Barcelona 3 3 39-22 9
second Pro Recco 3 3 35-18 9
third FTC 3 2 1 28-21 6
4th Brescia 3 2 1 23-16 6
4th EGER 3 2 1 32-31 6
6th Dynamo Moscow 3 3 28-38 0
7th Steaua Bucuresti 3 3 20-30 0
8th Red Star 3 3 9-38 0

Olympiakos (Greek) -spanda 04 (German) 11-4
Waspo Hannover (German) -BPM Sports Management (Italian) 10-11
Nuclear Split (Croatian) – Young Zagreb (Croatian) 10-12

first South Dubrovnik 3 3 28-19 9
second Busto Arsizio 3 3 25-21 9
third Mladost Zagreb 3 2 1 32-28 7
4th Olympiakos 3 1 1 1 26-20 4
5th Solnoek 3 1 2 22-24 3
6th Hanover 3 2 1 30-31 2
7th splitting 3 3 25-35 0
8th They spoke 3 3 17-27 0

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