Tuesday , September 21 2021

Mihály Varga: More and more EU countries are interested in the methods of bleaching the Hungarian economy

According to the Ministry of Finance announcement, an enlarged meeting of euro-area finance ministers said that the electronic traffic control system (checker) and online cash register became increasingly international.

At the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, the minister also discussed the full development of the euro area banking union, including the European Deposit Insurance Scheme and related security networks. Mihály Varga holds bilateral meetings with colleagues in Romania and Czech. Mihaly Varga's meeting with Eugen Teodorovich said that the Minister of Finance of Romania requested information about echosel recognition and online cash registers. Increasing international interest is understandable, spending more than 420 billion forints on a two-year budget, Mihály Varga said.

Lőrinc Mészáros, owner of Visonta Projekt Kft. And Minister of Finance Mihály Varga at the Visonta Project from the Visonta Projekt Kft grain processing plant. Visontán on April 24, 2017.Photo: Komka Péter / MTI / MTVA

According to Communications, the European Union has been studying fraudulent travel evacuations for more than two years in the European Union and then all its member countries, and the Polish SENT system was established as a model for Hungarian scavengers, and in Slovakia new regulations on road traffic control. Alena Schillerová with Czech Finance Minister Michael Varga agreed to move the International Investment Bank (IIB) headquarters to Budapest.

According to Mihaly Varga, Hungary continues to maintain the openness and efficiency of the banking industry and maintain equal treatment between Member States and beyond. Hungary supports risk mitigation, but does not want to take a position in the scheduling debate within the banking sector, the Hungarian government regulation will not continue to involve risk reduction and states that, according to a previously agreed schedule, international agreements must be reached – the minister said.

At an enlarged Eurogroup meeting, ministers discussed the ongoing reforms of the European Stability Mechanism, specifically called "for prevention devices. We acknowledge the need for reform in the Hungarian section – said Mihály Varga, who said that planned transformation should only be carried out on a legal basis strong. (MTI)


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