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NBA: Another crazy change, Westbrook can play again Hard!

Oklahoma City Thunder at the NBA has agreed with Houston Rockets to exchange Russell Westbrook.

Russell Westbrook and James Harden return to team! (Photo: Getty Images)


A few weeks ago, US magazines wrote about the possible escalation of a 30-year manager – Westbrook reportedly sat down with the leadership of the CBA to discuss their future after feeling that Thunder could not provide him with a team to fight for champions title.

After the talks, KKK did not conceal Westbrook's open sale crisis, and the superstar immediately left Los Angeles Lakers behind Kauhe Leonard and Houston Rockets, who has been working for years to compete with the Golden State Warriors' big rival.

On Thursday night the deal was born and the "second place" eventually turned into Houston: Adrian Vojnarovski announced that Chris Pull, first round of 2024 and 2026, was awarded for Rockets Westbrook and his teams exchanged their first round in 2021 and in 2025 year

In Rockets, this is where Russell Westbrook, James Harden doubles – as it is known, both classics were played by OKC (Wesbrook in 2008 and Harden a year later) together for three seasons but Hardent was replaced in 2012 they could agree to extend the contract.

Westbrook's career with 23 points, 8.4 assistant and 7 rebounds per game, and third in the previous row when the troika doubled – at the end of the 2017 award for the most valuable season player (MVP)

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