Friday , July 30 2021

Street street hitting Budapest – capturing suspected Belgrade – Hungary Szeged

Several shots were made at the dawn of City III. the suspect was captured, they said in the morning on their website. That same night, the commander of the Budapest Order said he had justified his actions with the previous complaint of the 67-year-old. Police are looking for witnesses.

According to the previous report, the police reported that they had heard a shot at the colored street floor and were on the ground. In place, it turned out he was shot more and was so badly injured that he died. A man suspected of a crime was captured near the scene. In the evening, the police wrote that the victim was 56 years old.

The police found the perpetrator flew off the scene with a car. The vehicle was found in III. Meggy District and Parlag Street. The car came to the front of the BRFC Disarmament Department and saw that the vehicle sat in a vehicle with a seemingly stunned man holding a gun in his hand.

67-year-old Joseph L. Budapest was captured. The man admitted that the crime was committed in a place that justified his action in his previous bodily harm. Joseph L. are justified in stopping the assassination of murder. The Life Protection Department's detectives are looking for witnesses to fully clarify the circumstances of the crime, BRFK writes.

Previously, we wrote:

It turned out that NT had several shots and was so seriously injured that he died.
The police closed the area and began investigating the case, the police said.

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