Saturday , July 31 2021

The European Commission tells you what and how unfortunate the migration court is!

"People in the government believe that the EU Commission will give you jobs with migrant staff, and even more what they do with bankruptcy," said Hollik Istvn, a Fidesz-KDNP funeral at a meeting Saturday Saturday.

Cross-democracy politicians say that the days spent by migrants are not only Hungarians, but also Eurovignesse.

In the covert bill, there are many nvklkli bank cards that migrate, with which you regularly buy cash from your bankomat.

These people lost them, "said a US politician, who said the question was how that was possible.

Those who have launched this program have secreted LTE, who and how much do they wear on this bank card, how many times can they get the money and what money do they have?

"Hollik Istvan said. From whom do I finance tzezrei migrants will now go to Europe, and on what basis are united citizens distributed to those who don't even know who they are? Who are the investors of terrorism to migrants too?"

Migrants from BosniaForrs: AFP / Elvis Barukcic

The Soviets commented: According to news, the United Nations, Soros Gyrgy and the United Nations have been on the place of migration, and it is also fair to believe that the United Nations or the United Nations have received approval from such a program. from member countries. It can be said that neither the European public nor the UN provide a straight line, said the KDNP politician.
Hollik Istvn said: people from the government will take over elections, especially the European Union Commission, whose current leadership has explained that sympathetic incontinence must be carried out by Eurpt.

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