Sunday , May 16 2021

The next Sunday of the fourth hat

The Hungarian national football team ended the Third World Championship of Group 3, the third best C-League group, and that means, besides being in the third round of the FNL series, that it can expect the fourth European Championship Qualifying Championship for the upcoming drama on Sunday Dublin.

Captain Federer Marko Rossi was preceded by the Bulgarian and Israeli teams in the second and the Romanians behind him.


Thus, the national team had the chance to participate in the UEFA Europa League in March 2020, as the National League has four continental championships.

By default, in each class the winners of the group will compete in the semifinal final system in March 2020 for the European Championship. In fact, only the teams will be included in the top-class playoffs, but in the traditional Eb qualifiers that fall in the autumn of 2019, they miss the group leader and secondarily ensure the participation of continental champions. This means that if there is one winner in the group who has managed to qualify in the traditional qualifying tournament, the best of the group will be replaced in the playoffs and if in group C league winnings (Scotland, Finland, Norway, Serbia) three of them managed to get one of the first two places in the group to qualify for the UEFA qualification, and then the Hungarian national team could participate in the match stack in March 2020. In the final ranking, low ranking, and the second will be the third and lowered it will finish in a match.

About hats

The League of Nations Championships ranked first in qualifying qualifications and, as the Hungarian national team was 31st, it had just come out of the third hat where it was 21-30. were placed. This also means our fourth national team will be on a second draw with Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania and Georgia, so we can not join a group.


Ranking in League of Nations, EB Hats

Ranking of the European Football Championship of Europe 2020 and the final result of the National League:

First hat: 1. Portugal *, 2. Switzerland *, 3. Netherlands *, 4. England *, 5. Belgium, 6. France, 7. Spain, 8. Italy, 9. Croatia, 10. Poland.

2nd Hat: 11. Germany, 12. Iceland, 13. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 14. Ukraine, 15. Denmark, 16. Sweden, 17. Russia, 18. Austria, 19. Wales, 20. Czech Republic.

Hat 3: 21. Slovakia, 22. Turkey, 23. Ireland, 24. Northern Ireland, 25. Scotland, 26. Norway, 27. Serbia, 28. Finland, 29. Bulgaria, 30. Israel.

Chate 4: 31. Hungary, 32. Romania, 33. Greece, 34 Albania, 35. Montenegro, 36 Cyprus, 37 Estonia, 38. Slovenia, 39 Lithuania, 40 Georgia.

Fifth Hat: 41. Macedonia 42. Kosovo 43. Belarus 44. Luxembourg 45. Armenia 46. Azerbaijan 47. Kazakhstan 48. Moldova 49. Gibraltar 50. Faroe Islands.

Chate 6: 51. Latvia, 52. Liechtenstein, 53. Andorra, 54 Malta, 55. San Marino.

* The exact placement of the top four places of the League of Nations is not known as it will be revealed after the final on June 4, 2019, in Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England. Ranking is based on the results of group games.

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