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Until Sunday night, Sin of the Sun Empire: Rebellion will be released free of charge


Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion

The 4X space strategy can now be offered as a gift at the Humble Shop.

11/15/2018. 20:11 | by Dino | Category: Game

Another action was launched On the Humble Store page: this time you can get a free 4X space strategy for a limited time. This game is nothing but a Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, a work by Ironclad was released in 2014 from ex-Homeworld developers.

This team launched a campaign in 2008 Sins of a Solar Empire the series which was expanded several years later, including 6 years later with the Rebellion. Free downloads are required to subscribe to the Humble Bundle bulletin on November 18 at 7pm and you will be asked to receive the Steam code you received on November 22, 7pm. ■

Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion

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