Sunday , September 25 2022

Vernay won the first race, 4th Tarquini, Michelisz was the 5th


A failed start-up victory for Rob Huff in the first WTCR weekend race in Macau. The victory was Jean-Karl Vernay who was behind the safety car phase. Second, Yvan Muller runs in, Huff sees the checkered flag as a third. Gabriele Tarquini, who leads the championship, is in fourth place. Behind him, Norbert Michelisz finished.

Vernay won the first race at the close of the season (Photo: WTCR)

Rob Huff dominated the Macau weekend Friday race – with nine wins on the local track, the two contestants won both timers he can wait for the first race on the edge the red light disappears.

Huff seemed to have started well, but in a few laps later, he was only the third. Yvan Muller leads, and much more Jean-Karl Vernay able to prevent England from starting in the first place. Behind the field Frédéric Vervisch met Mehdi Bennan, Kevin Ceccon but he can't get out of the box, so the field is very bad.

The safety car must be sent to the track, but two laps then the race can continue. Vernay left Muller, and he leads. Norbert Michelisz then he went fifth, but soon he began to attack him Esteban soldier.

Even in the fifth round red flag found. This is in the 15th place Gordon Shedden one of the narrowest parts of the track at Police Bend – he hit the wall with the front of his car and passed it. Audi stopped the road, so the entrants behind him couldn't continue, so they decided on the race.

The race is ten minutes long, one of the free card contestants in the upcoming start-up round, André Couto grabbed the grid. To start flying Muller doesn't have Vernay, French people can occupy first place.

Back Thed Björk then fought Homalo Mat 'o, but Luigi Ferrara and Timo Scheider they find each other.

Vernay drew victory, followed by Muller and then Huff. The three of them ran close to each other, headed for the fourth in leading and leading the championship Tarquini the backlog is bigger. Behind him was his teammate, Michelisz Exit. Besides the big ten Guerrieri, Oriola, Scheider, Ferrara and Homola he entered.

Saturday is not well developed Zengő Motorsport for the pilot. Zsolt Szabó can't even start first race arrived Norbert Nagy 23rd. Even though Muller Tarquini came to finish, only he can draw six points to harm him VK overall.

Continue on Sunday, in Hungarian time 1,20 with the second race. The third and final race will be held shortly after 4pm.


1. Jean-Karl Vernay (France, Audi)
2. Yvan Muller (France, Hyundai)
3. Rob Huff (UK, Volkswagen)
4. Gabriele Tarquini (Italy, Hyundai)
5. Norbert Michelisz (Hungary, Hyundai)

23. Norbert Nagy (Hungarian, Cupra)
Zsolt Szabó (Hungarian, Cupra) does not start

Vk group after 28 races: 1. Gabriele Tarquini (Italy, Hyundai) 305 points, 2. Muller (France, Hyundai) 272, 3. Vernay (Belgium, Audi) 245, 4. Björk (Sweden, Hyundai) 238, 5. Oriola (Spain, Cupra) 235, 6. Warriors (Argentina, Honda) 227, 7. Norbert Michelisz (English, Hyundai) 227 …20. Big D. (Hungary, Hyundai) 36, …24. Great N. (Hungary, Cupra) 18, …29. Szabó Zs. (Hungary, Cupra) 4

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