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Aaron Carter hits Justin Bieber, goes crazy

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Justin Bieber performs a set of songs.REUTERS

Aaron Carter goes after Justin Bieber. The "sooner or later" singer is miffed that it is not due to him, paving the way for Justin Bieber. In response to a fan's question, Aaron said, "I can not sit here and just say nothing about being in this industry before I was born." He said, "I've had more difficult times, and I always go back. No, I'm not Justin Bieber, I'm Aaron Carter."

See his answer, which hits Justin Bieber here:

The singer is certainly not ashamed of telling his views on Biebs. Carter claims he has paved the way for Justin Bieber to become so successful, but he still does not get the credit he deserves. The singer "Everything I Want to Be" once said she hopes that Justin and his manager, Scoter Brown, "enjoy [his] flooring "during a 2017 interview on a podcast supposedlyHe was still bitter over the comments of Justin Aaron Rosenberg's music attorney in 2015. billboard interview!

Two years later, in a podcast, Aaron argues that the singer "I'm sorry" and his manager "must be afraid," and explains:[Justin’s] way better singer than me. It has always been always – it has always been different. "He developed," When I was younger, I was seen as a taboo. "This little boy who looks like a singing girl wants you to have it on our radio?" You're crazy, no hell. "I've never been a radio artist ever since, but somehow I've sold even more records to this day than Justin Bieber." The Podcast interview took place that year, when Aaron released his first album for 15 years, I love you,

Though he did not lose it compared to other pop stars on Twitter, Aaron Carter also had the language when he announced he expects his first child with a girlfriend, Lina Valentina. This tweet obviously turned out to be true.

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