Thursday , June 1 2023

BCCI has agreed to fall under NADA's ambition, says sports secretary Cricket News


NEW DELHI: Radesh sports secretary Julania said on Friday that the Indian Cricket Board has agreed to join the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA), ending the years of challenge.

Giulania, who met with BCCI chief executive Rahul Johnry on Friday, said the council had made a written statement that it would adhere to NADA's anti-doping policy.

"All cricket will now be tested by NADA," Jhulaniya said.

"The BCCI raised three questions before us regarding the quality of drug test kits, the competence of pathologists and the collection of samples.

"We assured them that whatever they wanted, we would provide them, but there would be a fee for that. BCCI is no different than others," he added.

BCCI was strongly opposed to signing with NADA, saying it was an autonomous body, not a National Sports Federation and did not rely on state funding.

However, the Ministry of Sport also firmly states that it should fall within the scope of NADA.

He recently withheld permits for tours from South Africa and women's teams and speculated that this was done to pressure BCCI to adopt anti-doping norms.

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