Monday , July 26 2021

I'm afraid to drop cricket: Wasim Jaffer

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Washington Jaffer crossed 11,000 signs on Wednesday. (Source: PTI)

Wahim Jafer on Wednesday became the first battler to reach the 11000-star brand in the history of Ranji Trophy. The veteran battler, who transferred his base from Mumbai to Vidarba several seasons ago, struck 153 against Barca at the VCA stadium in Nagpur. He talks with the Indian Express as his cornerstone and why he is afraid to leave cricket at this point.

How do you see these 11,000,000 runs?
Playing for a different country is always a challenge and I am glad that I am part of two great victories in the history of Vidarbha. I work harder, more than ever before to keep my motivation and behave well. I'm glad to play a mentor for these young boys.

Ever get bored? Early awakening, training, and so on. … as people lose motivation?
Sometimes it happens, you get bored. I missed two seasons of home cricket due to injury. I'm not ready to leave this cricket from now on. What will I do after I leave the game? I go to the gym regularly, I have a proper diet, the right running sessions. I liked last season. Vidarba won two trophies last year – "Ranji Trophy" and "Iran Trophy". Qualifying is a great achievement in this part of the world. Money is important, but not everything to me. Another day in Mumbai, I went to play a cricket club because the pleasure is still there.
Sitanshu Kotak once said he was afraid of what he would do after cricket, so that's the main reason he could continue his career.

Have you ever heard of this?
There is fear of transformation. Likewise, I have to sit in the office from 9 to 5, or do a coach. These are great steps that need to be taken. I also think about it because it will be a new field for me. After completing these 20-25 years of cricket, you will have to enter a new field. Those who play so long are afraid of taking that jump. I also have fear (to quit), but if I feel like becoming a burden (my team), I will pack my bags. I do not want to get that sense, that feeling of my teammates.

Do you remember the moments of passing those remarkable results, be it 1000, 2000, 5000 tracks?
For me, matter is flowing, not cornerstone. I remember the 10,000 runs I scored at Ranji Trophy. One of Tangi's finals on Ranji, I and Sachin scored one hundred and each and the Mumbai Music Association honored us.

You are respected everywhere in home cricket, but is there time when players asked you to leave? or did they follow you?
They try (koshish karte hain), but it is in friendly conditions. This is due only to respect. As when Raul Dravid liked to flee, there was a natural sense of respect in the opposition.

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