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Liam Hemsworth's family doesn't want to get back together with Miley Cyrus after Kaitlynn Carter kiss?


Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have separated. The couple tied the knot in December 2018. Since their breakup was announced, a lot has been told about their relationship. A new report claims Liam's family doesn't want him back with Miley.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have broken up. Ten years after their on and off relationship, the Malibu singer and the Hunger Games stars tied the knot last year. Unfortunately, their wedding did not last more than seven months. Miley's rep announced that she and her Aussie husband were no longer together and Liam eventually confirmed that the two had parted ways. Amidst their news of their split, photos of Miley kissing Kaitlynn Carter made the news as well. Given the photos, their split has gotten uglier.

While we have hopes that Miley and Liam could possibly ride through rough waters and reunite, Liam's family is hoping for actor sings, "We are never getting back together." The Hemsworth family wants Liam to cut all ties with Miley, especially after she was found making out with Kaitlynn over the weekend they announced their breakup.

A source has told The Sun that Miley and Liam have used the word "separated" and not "divorcing" which has Liam's family worried that the estranged couple could reunite in the future. "They think Liam should cut Miley off and can't stand the idea of ​​them getting back together. Nobody wants that. They think it's been on and off so many times that everyone worries about him getting sucked back into the relationship and getting his heart broken again. It's been toxic for way too long. They're not meant to be together, "the insider said.

These statements come around the time Miley dropped a new song titled Slide Away. The song sheds light on her break up and drops hints about her life. "Once upon a time it was paradise, once upon a time I was paralyzed. I think I'm gonna miss these harbor lights, But it's time to let it go. Once after it was made for us, woke up one day and it turned to dust. Baby, we were found, but now we're lost / So it's time to let it go, "a portion of the song's lyrics reads.

Check out the song below:

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