Wednesday , May 18 2022

NASA has discovered a rock on Mars that can prove Martian running water


NASA's Curiosity Rover is back with another Mars discovery that could prove the existence of water on the Red Planet. This discovery is nothing but a very good looking rock.


While rocks are basically all over the Earth and we humans don't really pay much attention to them, NASA scientists are the exact opposite of Mars' rocky discoveries. Currently, the NASA Curiosity rover is in Gail Crater and has recently discovered a new rock that could shed some light on whether the Red Planet was carrying water or still carrying water.

The rock was nicknamed "Strathdon"and its characteristics are similar in scale, which may suggest that Mars once had flowing water that erodes this rock over different periods of time. Each of the scale levels is estimated as periods of time when Mars once passed from wet to dry – forming a rocky layer that we can see above. Valerie Fox of Caltech said "We see an evolution in the ancient lake environment recorded in these rocks. It wasn't just a static lake. Helps us to move from a simplified view of Mars that goes from wet to dry. Instead of a linear process, the history of water was more complex."

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