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News from Barcelona: Academics and newcomers impress, but old names disappoint in pre-season season – member


The summer transfer window 2019 is a seller's market.

The burgeoning fees left the clubs to explode in their attempts to finance key deals as teams take advantage of the opportunity to redeem their assets with such wild markets.

The result is a change in the perception of what is considered cheap and expensive, as EUR 30 million has become a new 50 million. There are some prominent signatures both above and lower prices, though.

First, we look at four expensive players and then underestimated, but keep in mind credit transactions and free signatures are not considered in this series.

Joao Felix | EUR 126 million | Benfica – Atletico Madrid

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The 19-year-old, who invaded Benfica's first team in the second half of 2018/19, does not call the fourth most expensive player.

Athletic take a tremendous financial risk by signing a premature striker Joao Felix by redirecting Antoine Grisman's money into Benfica's back pocket.

Now, Portugal International is an extremely talented young footballer, but the margin for mistakes in his transfer is enormous.

What is the measure of Atleti's success with a cost of € 126 million? Felix or justifies the charge by reaching the same order he occupies as Killian-like, or he fails.

It costs more than twice what Real Madrid has paid for its new young striker Luca Jović at 60 million euros and although there are many areas of his game that need to be perfected even if the Serbs do not turn out to be the expected polished diamond , the risk-award is warranted.

Plus, Diego Simeone has a mixed record in buying the attacking players for his defensive position, and the conclusion is – even with the chance to look silly if he gets the next Cristiano Ronaldo – Felix is ​​overrated.

Antoine Grisman EUR 120 million Atletico Madrid – Barcelona

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Two expensive transfers for the price of one. Indeed, Atletico argues that Barcelona has broken them by 80 million euros after Antoine Grizzman's release clause dropped from 200 million euros on July 1.

The Madrid side argued that Barca had reached an agreement with Grossman in March, after which she waited to complete the procedure with a discount. Still, 120 million euros, no matter 200 million euros, are still too much for the striker of France.

Obviously, the release clauses dictate the price, but Grizzman is 28 years old and for a player who relies on a high energy style, a two-year guaranteed physical oversight seems short-sighted.

Adding Ernesto Valverde's fight to Philip Coottinho's leverage at the beginning of last season, the fact that Grizzman is the best in the same areas as Lionel Messi and the logic is blurred.

Of course, Griezmann is extremely clinical but also can not thrive without real No9, which means he will have to play to the left, taking the position of the extremely talented Ousmane Dembele.

Former Barcelona President Joan Laporta gathered the feeling that Grossman signed: "I think most of the fans do not want it and because of the price that I think is exaggerated."

Matteo Kovacic EUR 50 million | Real Madrid – Chelsea

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Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have bought an expensive player every one, and Real has sold it.

Mateo Kovacic was once Luka Modric's successor in Los Blancos, but the Croatian has struggled to repeat the form he has shown for Inter while in the shadow of his compatriot.

A loan to Chelsea last season showed limitations in his game, so long as he was declared the most meaningless Premier League player. FourFourTwo,

Indeed, there can be no other player on the planet with the technical capabilities of Kovacic, who will not be able to influence the last third.

Comedy is how bad he is to shoot, given the level of talent we are talking about.

The 25-year-old player scored more than one goal in a single campaign once and it arrived during his best season so far in Inter in 2014/15, when the drum was five. Kovacic's help is not doing better with the four seasons before this highest score.

Still, Chelsea, although Kovacic contributed only two goals in all races in 2018/19, paid 50m euros for his services.

He was the only player they could sign before the transfer ban and the price reflected their despair.

Mats Humuls | EUR 38 million Bayern München-Borussia Dortmund

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Borussia Dortmund called for the leadership of Mats Hugues during the title last season, so the signing of the German center from Bayern in Munich makes a lot of sense.

But Dortmund was forced to pay club records to bring his 30-year-old father almost the same price that Bayern Munich paid when he was 27 years old.

In the interim years, Humuls declined to the point where the national team no longer paid attention and would have been the fourth choice if he stayed in Bayern.

There are not many players over 30 years old in the same price group.

Lukasz Piszczek's injuries broke the Dortmund backbone and eventually cost them, but other terrain areas require more investment, especially with Paco Alcacer, their only true No9.

Dortmund already has five more center-backs, and so a large sum of Humeles is understandably affecting supporters.

Ironically, the transfer does not even make sense to Bayern or Jerome Boateng, who will probably stay in the club instead of Hummel, and then have to sell it to a direct competitor.

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