Friday , July 30 2021

PDP and NC may have had instructions across the border to form an alliance: Ram Madhav

BJP Senior Leader Ram Madhav, who helped build an alliance between BJP and PDP at J & K, raised a sensational charge against two of the major parties in the state. Speaking to ANI, Madhav said PDP and NC boycotted local elections in the country because of cross-border instructions that are mentioned in Pakistan. She said they probably had instructions across the bordero Join your hands to form government after BJP did well in local polls. He called the congress – the PDP-NC alliance, which would have pledged to form the government as unethical, and said actions should have prompted the governor to dissolve the meeting.

Earlier, Jammu BMP's senior leader, Convinder Gupta, who was Deputy Minister of Justice in the ruling government of the Mihaboba Mufti, claims that this tribal union was formed under pressure from Pakistan. With Ram Madhav, who is too tall, it is clear that BJP will not be defensive on this issue and would like to push the opposition in the corner.

The PDP-NC-Congress, however, strongly condemned the governor's decision and kept the door open to search for a legal order, Jammu and Kashmir's governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday issued a statement clarifying his decision to disband the state assembly. According to an official statement, he made a decision because of the "inability to create a stable government through political party assemblies by opposing political ideologies, including some who insist on the disintegration of the Assembly."

He also pointed out that the experience of recent years reflects that "with the fractured mandate currently in the Assembly, it is impossible to form a stable government that includes adherents." Malik disbanded the meeting shortly after the Democratic Party of Nations (PDP) chief Mehbooba Mufti wrote a letter to him stating that the government in the state is in alliance with the National Conference and the Congress Party. Mehbooba, however, said she had failed to pass through the manager via fax and thus shared a copy of the Twitter letter. BJP Sajid Lone's ally from the People's Conference also claims to form the government.

Malak said that "gathering such parties in a group is nothing but an attempt to gain power, not to create a responsive government." He also said that the disintegration of the meeting was important in the reports of extensive horses trade and eventually to provide support for legislators belonging to widely divergent political ideologies only to be able to form a government. "Such activities are not healthy for democracy and corrupt the political process," he added.

Referring to the Jammu and Kashmir security scenario, Malik said there was a need to have a stable and supportive environment for security forces engaged in large-scale operations against militancy and gradually gaining control of security. "The Governor came to the conclusion that, in this context, he was convinced that the best way to act was to dissolve the assembly in order to ensure the stability and security of the state and to hold elections at the appropriate time so that a government with a clear mandate to be duly shaped, "the statement said.

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