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Rajya Sabha adopts UAPA (Amendment) Bill 2019 by 147 ai against 42 nos


Parliament's latest updates: Rajya Sabha adopts UAPA (Amendment) Bill 2019 by 147 ai against 42 nos.

In opposition to the argument raised by P Chidambaram, Amit Shah said: “My statement is the same. If one organization is banned, another appears from the same individuals. How long will we continue to ban organizations? impossible to reign in their work. "

Congressman P Chidambaram wondered who was referring to the government when they insisted on naming people as terrorists within the strict bill. He said when you talk about internal security and such a disproportionately strict law, let me remind you that you cannot compare Hafiz Said with Gautam Navlahaha, an activist of the left-wing right wing who is currently being detained on charges of sedition,

"Now the act deals with illegal activities and deals with terrorist acts. They are not the same, they are defined separately … Why do I say that even before the amendments are covered by that act – the individual who committed the act is punishable under this act. There is no difference between punishing an illegal association and punishing a member of an illegal organization. If they are covered, why are you making this change? "

Elaram Karim in the CPI (M), in his argument against the Illegal Activities (Prevention) Act, said: "This will lead to bullying on a large scale." He cites previous POTA and TADA laws that claimed he had arrested thousands of Muslims. "You don't want the opposition to speak against you," Karim said in a disgusting statement.

The Rajya Sabha continues the discussion on the UABA bill yesterday as the Lok Sabha addresses issues of urgent public importance raised with the permission of the speaker.

The Lok Sabha on Thursday adopted the Bill on the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses (Amendment) 2019 on Thursday, and the National Medical Council Bill 2019 received a nod to the Raja Sabha.

The 2019 POCSO (Amendment) Bill provides for severe penalties for sexual offenses against children and the death penalty in cases of aggravated sexual assault. Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani said that 6.20 abusive sex offenders were included in the national database and were being monitored by investigative agencies. She also expressed concern that the number of juvenile offenders is increasing.

    Parliament Live Update: Rajya Sabha Adopts UAPA (Amendment) Bill 2019 by AY 147 against 42 Nos

File image of Indian Parliament. AP

In response to the debate on the Iran bill, the government said that it is working to create 1,023 emergency aid courts under the Nirbhaya Fund to ensure speedy justice in cases of crimes against women.

"Eighteen countries have joined the board to see that these courts are set up between 2019-20 and 2020-21," she said. She also said that around Rupees 75 will be spent to create infrastructure for each vessel.

The minister expressed concern about the "slow speed" of conviction in POCSO cases. She said steps have been taken to protect witnesses and called on states to set up a witness protection fund. Irani said that children at CBSE-affiliated schools are receiving awareness of "good touch and bad touch". She also said that there are 680 child protection committees, of which 444 are full-time and 509 of the 675 youth justice councils are full-time.

Calling on the House of Commons to pass the bill, Irani said that 60 percent of people using the internet are under the age of 24, and there are 5,000 people who subscribe to an online porn channel that has video of a crime. She said the bill would protect the interests of vulnerable children in times of distress and guarantee their safety and dignity.

Meanwhile, the Raja Sabha passed the bill of the National Medical Commission (NMC) in 2019 by voice vote. The NMC bill, tabled by Health Minister HarshVardhan, replaces the Medical Council of India (MCI) with the National Medical Commission.

"When the story is written, this bill will be recorded as the biggest reform of the Narendra Modi government. You may make fun of the bill, but when it is passed today, the day will be written in golden words," Vardan said. The bill was approved by parliament amid protests by the medical fraternity, which fear it will lead to a worsening of medical education and a worsening of health services.

Vardon said the changes being introduced to medical education will lead to a better future. He also raised concerns from some lawmakers about the NEET and NEXT exams, community health providers, booking states and institutionalizing quackery. "Twenty-one of the 25 NMC members are physicians and they will decide what the minimum qualification is required to provide community health workers. This is a WHO-approved practice," he said.

Concerning concerns about the lower representation of states in the NMC, the minister said of the 25 council members, 11 are state representatives. He added that NEET was accepted by aspiring doctors and that there would be a limit on MBBS course fees.

Congressman Jaram Ramesh opposed the bill, saying that 75 percent of health care spending is made by the state government and the Center wants to control it. The former union minister said that the current representation of members in the NMC was contrary to the interest of the states and asked whether the proposed entrance exam would be a test of theoretical knowledge or clinical ability.

AIADMK's Vijila Satyananth said: "The government must first introduce a standard education policy and system throughout the country and only then can they impose a common entry test across the country." "Santanu Sen at the Trinamoool congress opposed the bill, calling it" ambiguous, for ambiguity "and demanded that it be sent to the Election Commission. He said that appointments to NMC and admission to state medical colleges would be monitored by the Center.

The bill stipulates that the MBBS General Exam for the last year is known as the National Examination Test (NEXT), which will serve as a licensed exam for entry into postgraduate medical courses and as a screening test for foreign medical graduates.

Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Law (Amendment) The 2019 Bill, which provides a 330-day timetable for the bankruptcy resolution process and specifies minimum payments to operational creditors in each resolution plan, was also adopted by the Lok Sabha.

Taking the bill, Finance Minister Nirmal Sitharaman mentioned the death of Coffee Day founder VG Siddharth in mysterious circumstances and said the role the Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) would play in resolving the issue will require combined efforts all members,

Sitharaman said the letter and spirit behind the IBC is to keep the companies a "going concern", and mergers, breakups and mergers are among the means to achieve it, not a blind move to liquidation. She said another 6,079 cases had been dismissed before their IBC admission.

Sitharaman said the changes would bring greater clarity to mergers, divisions and mergers as part of the resolution process. She said she put more emphasis on the time-limited ejection at the application stage itself.

The Lok Sabha also adopted the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill before the House adjourned for the day. The bill provides for the rapid appointment of arbitrators through certain institutions and seeks to establish an independent evaluation body for arbitration institutions.

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad this bill is an effort to make India an international arbitration center. "The judiciary should also be consistent in terms of arbitration," he said. Prasad said the government was keen to promote institutional dispute settlement and to make India the center of a stable alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism.

In the Upper House, he witnessed excitement when MDMK member Waiko objected to Vardhan that he was responding to a Hindi debate. As soon as Harsh Vardhan began responding to the Hindi debate on the NMC bill, Vayko objected to it and asked the minister to respond in English. "I will speak Hindi and English," the health minister said.

The Rajah Sabha was adjourned for 10 minutes in the afternoon session after opposition parties created an uproar over the absence of Vardhan and his youth during a debate on the 2019 NMC bill.

As Satanant spoke on the bill, members of Congress and the Trinamoool Congress noticed the absence of ministers and raised the issue. In response, House Leader Thaawarchand Gehlot said: "The Minister is coming. This is the collective responsibility of the Council of Ministers. I take notes on the issues raised by the members and will give it to the Minister." As the din continued, the Vice President adjourned the House for 10 minutes.

Then the Raja Sabha discussed the bill to amend illegal activities (prevention) before adjourning until 11 am on Friday.

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