Thursday , July 29 2021

Right-wing activists do Puja, Gangajal Drizzle to Purify the Taj Mahal

Activists do aarti and "purify" the Taj Mahal with Ganga water.


A group of women, part of the right-wing organization, appeared "aarti"and sprinkled Gangajal (holy water) around the Taj Mahal on Saturday to protest the giving of Muslim prayers on weekdays, the IANS news agency reported.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has banned prayer at the mosque at the Taj Mahal on all days, except Friday when it is closed to the public. A notice appeared at the gate of the 17th century monument last week.

After prayers were reportedly offered on Wednesday, several Hindu organizations threatened to worship in the Taj Mahal. Some female wing activists of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal (RBD) criticized the authorities for failing to stop those who offered prayers.

They appear aarti, "purified" monument with Ganges water and threatens to repeat the ritual if "other people" continue to violate the rules.

Meena Diwakar, RBD women's wing district president, told ANI news agency, "The authorities must stop them first, and then they can stop us."

"We appear & # 39;puja& # 39; in our Tejo Mahal, sprinkled Gangajal to purify it. Some people have made it dirty by offering & # 39; prayer & # 39; They have Fridays for that purpose. That's why we do aarti, "he said.

Authorities have warned them of puja, but activists asked "why can't we take puja inside when other people can offer prayers there".

"We go there in a peaceful way. If the authorities think we have done something wrong, we are ready to face the action," Ms Diwakar said.

The president of the RBD unit Agra Govind Parashar has demanded a thorough investigation into security irregularities and said he must know about the puja from media reports.

"They need to investigate how they entered the Taj Mahal with matches and everything? We will also talk to them to understand why they entered the Taj Mahal without our permission," Parashar told ANI.

But he also added that such a situation would not arise if the Central Industrial Security Forces (CISF), which is responsible for the security of the Taj Mahal, had stopped them and actions taken against those who violated ASI's direction.

Original orders from the Supreme Court allow local Muslims to offer prayers in the afternoon only on Fridays.

Muslim clerics say the ban violates their fundamental rights and wants to be allowed inside to pray every day.

Muslim cleric Mufti Mukarram said, "The ASI decision was wrong and unjustified. People have peacefully offered prayers there for a very long time, without problems. The mosque was built to offer prayers, and that is our fundamental right given to us by the constitution. "

ASI officials say security agencies have been told to deal strictly with rule-breakers.

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