Sunday , July 3 2022

The arsenal is on the verge of an almost perfect transfer window


Although many expect gunners to avoid large splashes in the transfer window because of their budget, Arsenal is about to have an almost perfect window.

Just 4 days before their Premier League opener against Newcastle, Arsenal's transfer business is not over yet.

While the gunners have already provided the services of Nicola Pepe, Danny Chebalos, Gabriel Martinelli and William Saliba (for next season), there are still 2 areas of the terrain that still need addresses: left back and center back. Fortunately for Arsenal fans, the club are actively seeking recruits from both positions and are on the verge of signing Celtic left back Kirien Tierney on the final day.

Looking for a central midfielder is a little more complicated, with David Louis of Chelsea being the last to be linked to the club, but if they manage to get an upgrade before Thursday's deadline with Tierney, then it could very well prove to be an almost perfect transfer window for Arsenal.

The funny thing is that no one expected the gunners to do anything splashing out the window, with rumors of a £ 45 million budget transfer making the rounds all summer long.

However, it seems everyone has forgotten that transfers can be paid in installments, and Arsenal use this to land the brilliant Nicola Pepe when transferring to a club. This deal earned them instant respect as Pepe was one of the hottest pursuers in the entire market.

Now, in William Saliba, gunners have also secured a star-studded center for the future. The teenager is now a decisive figure in one of the best teams in League 1 and has many of the qualities that have been missing from the back for some time.

Joining Danny Chebalos on loan is a good replacement for Aaron Ramsay, and Gabriel Martinelli is another player with great potential to add to the wide array of Arsenal Academy stars.

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If Arsenal can add Tierney and center back at the end of the day, it could be a transfer window that changes the course of their future.

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