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The Royal Enfield Bullet X 350 launches the ES-X 350, priced at Rs. 1.12 Lah


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The most affordable Royal Enfiled motorcycle is launched in two variants – Bullet X 350 & Bullet ES-X 350 in an offer to revive sales during the ongoing slowdown in the automotive sector

Royal Enfield has launched the much anticipated entry-level Bullet X 350 in India at a price of Rs. 1.12 Lah (former showroom) for variant X while the ES-X variant is priced at Rs. 1.26 lakh which is about Rs. 14,000 cheaper than the Bullet Standard series. The Indian automotive industry is going through a period of low demand, which has led to a significant drop in sales of almost all two- and four-wheelers.

Even Royal Enfield, arguably India's most iconic bike maker, suffers from low demand for most of its models. However, the newly created Bullet X 350 will make RE accessible to a wider audience at a lower cost and will hopefully help them return.

Model Start at the start Electric start
Bullet X (new) Rs. 1.12 Lah Rs. 1.26 Lakh
Bullet Standard Rs. 1.21 Lakh Rs. 1.35 Lakh

Although the Royal Enfield Bullet X will be marketed as a new range of motorcycles, it is being launched with a Bullet extension to take advantage of the awesome image that this brand enjoys. It may be noted that the original Royal Enfield motorcycle made a big name for its classic look, which dates from 1932 and has a huge following due to its distinctive bluntness.

The new motorcycle will launch in two variants – the Bullet X 350 and the Bullet ES-X 350. The latter will be equipped with an electric start and will be the only trim available with the much-loved jet black paint option. Speaking of the color palette offered, the motorcycle offers three variants for each variant. While Bullet X launches in – Bullet Silver, Sapphire Blue, Magic Black, the Bullet ES-X 350 launches with Regal Red, Royal Blue and Jet Black options.

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As can be seen in our exclusive images of Royal Enfield Bullet X, the new motorcycle shares its relevance with the ordinary Bullet range. However, the bright color options remind us of the Thunderbird X range.

The legendary wings of the Bullet X tank logo graphic are inspired by the post-war era, while the Bullet ES-X version comes with premium 3D badges. Overall, both versions retain the extremely beloved Bullet design, while maintaining a touch of freshness through color schemes and reworked tank graphics.

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Powering the Royal Enfield Bullet X 350 is the same 346cc single cylinder engine that powers the other 350 models in the company's range. It offers a maximum power of 19.8 hp. and a peak torque of 28 Nm.

The car is powered by a carburetor. The braking is courtesy of the disc rotor in the front and the rear wheel drum. The motorcycle is equipped with single-channel ABS. Another safety feature will be the rear wheel lift protection (RPL).

Royal Enfield Bullet X specification
engine 346cc
power 19.8 PS
Torque 28 NM
brakes Single-channel ABS

Although the new entry-level model from Royal Enfield aims to make the company's classic motorcycle range more accessible to buyers, it should not be seen as a low-cost model that is lacking in one or more areas.

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In fact, our sources inform us that competitive prices are achieved by sharing parts with other models and minimizing the profits of each motorcycle sold. In all likelihood, this new model range will help the South Indian-based company increase its sales not only during the ongoing slowdown, but even in the long run.

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