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This monsoon fruit is ideal for diabetics


Pears have a low glycemic index and high fiber content, making it ideal for those with diabetes.

Diabetes makes it difficult to eat normal foods like others. Diabetics should follow a strict diet and be careful about the sugar content of the foods they eat.

Managing blood sugar levels is key to managing diabetes. This means that they are limited by several fruits such as mango, lychee and uncle that have high levels of sugar. There are a number of fruits and medicines that one can eat to reduce blood sugar levels, NDTV reported.

One particular fruit that is available in the monsoon is quite effective in counteracting sugar levels and very beneficial for diabetics. Pears, also known as Nashpati, are also very tasty, juicy and nutritious. It is also useful for weight loss. Don't miss out on this mozon fruit and its many health benefits.

The high fiber content of pears is beneficial for patients with diabetes. The average pear contains 6 grams of fiber, which also helps control cholesterol. It also makes you feel full for a longer time, thus killing the urge for breakfast.

Its low glycemic index is also ideal for diabetics. The glycemic index dictates how quickly your body can convert carbohydrates to glucose; it may also indicate the potential of food to raise blood sugar levels. Two foods with the same amount of carbohydrates may have different glycemic indices. Due to this property pears are favorable for patients with diabetes.

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