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Why did Thanos save the Avengers' life in the Infinity War Avengers? Marvel exec gives a definitive answer | hollywood

Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel, the unnamed Avengers 4, have captured the imagination of people like several films in history. Everything about the superhero extravaganza has been discussed harshly, and one particular point that the fanbase is still wondering about is why Thanos let some Avengers live despite being in a position to reduce it.

Now, the head of Marvel Studio's visual development Ryan Meinerding has opened up about Thanos's thought process. Thanos let the Avengers live on Titan and on Wakanda after he secured the infinity stone. For him, getting a stone and destroying half the population of the universe is not about revenge but for restoring & # 39; balance & # 39;

"The plan to get all Infinity Stones is to put it down [Thanos] in a position so strong that he is somewhat calmer, more single-minded, and more reasonable, "said Meinerding about why Thanos decided to save the Earth's Strongest Heroes," He doesn't need to worry about killing heroes. As long as he ends with stones, he can achieve what he wants. "

Previously, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also spoke about how Thanos is the strongest MCU criminal ever and was built in stages. "Thanos has been hiding in the shadows with the desire to get Infinity Stones, who have played a big role in our other films. We introduce Tesseract, which is stated as the Space Stone; Mind Stone, which comes out of Loki's stick and then goes into Vision's forehead; and Stone of Time: The Agamotto eye worn by Doctor Strange is the Infinity Stone itself! And of course the Guardian deals with Power Stone. "

"We have been tempting this for six years. It is a long time to tease something cinematically before paying for it. Thanos must be the biggest villain in our film, "he added.

First Published: 10 Nov 2018 16:34 IST

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