Sunday , June 13 2021

14 primary students claim to have abolished HIV / AIDS, forced to stop training due to rejected parents

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – 14 students suspected of having HIV / AIDS were forced to leave the bench school in one school base in the city Solo. They stopped because they were rejected by other students because they were afraid of contamination with lethal disease.

The spread of HIV / AIDS, including local authorization, is also not seen by parents school It is.

"We have been working on HIV / AIDS spread by Puskesmas and the AIDS Commission (KPA) Solo, but the pupils' parents still refused, "said the task manager (acting) school said BBC News Indonesia on Tuesday (02/12/2019).

Parents, he continued, even threatened to move their children if 14 students with HIV / AIDS were not transferred school more.

Once established, it can not continue school in elementary school, dozens of students Those suffering from HIV / AIDS this week she has not been involved in teaching and learning.

"Essentially, parents of other students are afraid their children will catch HIV / AIDS," he said.

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The rejection took place in January.

Students, he said, began to become students school since the beginning of last year.

They moved school this location due to location school previously united.

Then, he went on, there had been rejections from pupils' parents.

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