Monday , October 3 2022

2 Terguling Cars, Police Stop the Kentungan subway project


The police suspended the Kentingan subway project, Sulmon. This is the consequence of two units of vehicles spent in the hole in the project.

"For some time (the project activity) is ruled out, awaiting the investigative process, since the investigation is not only Sattalas but also Sutrashrim," said Kastenttas Sultan police, AKP Faisal Pratama, on Tuesday (23.7.2014) .

The investigation was carried out to determine exactly what caused the two cars to roll over into the underground project.

"Vehicle evacuation is also waiting for an investigation," he added.

Two cars, the Ahmad Mujahedin-driven U 1472 UI (33) Battang and the Michael Jones-driven Land Rover TDI-110 (45) moved into the Kentungan subway project around 10:30 am. There were no serious injuries of this incident.

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