Monday , October 3 2022

3 These things are accidentally left by Apollo astronauts on the moon, for what?


Some objects planned to be abandoned on the Moon were carefully selected by NASA. For example, Apollo 11 is not only the flag of the United States.

The Moon's unit features a memorial plaque in honor of the landing, and the mission also carries silicon discs with comments from leaders in 74 countries.

NASA's astronauts could carry the poster to celebrate the cosmonauts of the Soviet Union who died in their space mission. In addition, NASA astronauts wear small, golden-colored olive branches as a symbol of peace.

On the one hand, Apollo's mission is not as serious as you think. Among the funniest objects left on the Moon's surface are three golf balls carried by astronaut Apollo 14 Allen Shepard.

"You can see the golf balls and say," Well, maybe they want to have fun a little, "said Alice Gorman, an archaeologist at Australia's Flinders University, who focuses on space.,

"It's experimental: how do you play golf on the moon with different gravity, but it's also funny."

Other astronauts leave their tracks in many different ways. During the mission of Apollo 16, Charlie Duke left a picture of his family, which slipped into a plastic sleeve on the surface of the moon.

"It was great for me because it was very personal, a gesture of desire, leaving family portraits there so that they could share their experience during the Moon in a certain way," Gorman said.

But future explorers on the Moon will probably never see the Duke's face, he said. Even on Earth, the photographs fade to blue under the influence of ultraviolet light – there is more light on the Moon, not to mention hail micrometeorite which can destroy everything in the sky.

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