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5 First Aid Errors


Knowledge of first aid must be possessed by all. This is because first aid will be very helpful in emergencies where medical staff are out of reach.

Some people may already know basic or advanced first aid knowledge. While many others are still lying or do not even know how to provide first aid when an emergency occurs. This can cause mistakes that will endanger the victims who originally wanted to be rescued.

Know some mistakes that should not be made in first aid:

Put your head up when nose bleeds appear

Putting your head down during nosebleeds will cause blood to flow down your throat and you may be able to swallow it. This step will not help when there is bleeding in the nose, there you can instead swallow blood, which can cause irritation in the stomach and ultimately cause vomiting.

What to do: Lean forward and press the tip of your nose. Most of the time, nosebleeds or nosebleeds are caused by allergies or dry weather. Do this for 10 minutes and nose bleeds can stop on their own. If this method does not help, see a doctor immediately and get the best medical treatment.

Putting ice on burn

This is absolutely mandatory. Putting ice on burn can cause frostbite or frostbite and even damage the skin. You should also avoid applying oil or toothpaste to burn injuries to your skin.

What to do: Run cold water over the combustion for several minutes. Dry with a clean cloth.

Put a hot compress on the injury

It's true that heat can relieve aches and pains, but it can't help heal bumps or broken bones. Applying a hot compress to the part of the body that has been crushed or broken can only increase the swelling.

What to do: Apply the ice pack on the damaged part of the body for 20 minutes. Crush the ice and wrap it in a bag or a piece of clean cloth. Place the ice pack on the skin. Repeat this several times until the pain subsides.

Remove contamination from eyes

Often, dust or dirt gets into our eyes, and we unconsciously rub our eyes in the hope of removing them. But wiping the eyes hard to remove dust particles can actually cause permanent damage to the eye.

What to do: Rinse your eyes with clean water.

Clean the wound with saliva

You may have heard the idea that saliva can clean germs, so cleaning saliva wounds can help relieve pain and heal quickly. Unfortunately this is the wrong thing, the saliva is full of bacteria and can aggravate the wound.

What to do: Rinse the injured areas of the body with running water to remove any contaminants and germs that stick.

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