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7 Years of Curiosity Explore Mars, these 7 things it sees on the Red Planet

[ad_1], CA – On August 6, 2012, after undertaking an epic voyage to Mars for six months, NASA's Curiosity Research Vehicle finally arrived on the Red Planet.

This week, which marks the seven-year landing of Curiosity on Mars, NASA celebrates it as the "Curiosity Landing Day", with its success surviving in the Martian atmosphere during that time.

In fact, Curiosity is the only active explorer ever created on the entire planet after Opportunity.

pirate managed to survive only from 2004 (when it first landed on Mars) until mid-2018, after which in early 2019 it was declared lost by a monster storm in space. While InSight was a strangermobile, not a researcher.

Curiosity, which is a nuclear robot, was previously scheduled to carry out Red Planet research missions in just two years, but the instrument was able to perform its duties properly, so Curiosity was given additional time in December 2012.

So far, Curiosity has traveled up to 21 kilometers through the Gail Crater – the place where it first set foot on Mars – and climbed 368 meters (1,207 feet) from the base of Mount Sharp.

During this journey, Curiosity placed an eye on its robot on a scene never seen by humans, "tasted" the earth and wind of Mars and sent back the data received.

Here are 7 discoveries made by pirate during their stay on Mars, as quoted by ScienceAlert, Tuesday (June 8, 2019).

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