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[8] The American mysterious airplane caught on the camera



[8] The American mysterious airplane caught on the camera

Jakarta – The spacecraft, owned by the US Air Force, the X-37B, was never captured by the camera when passing through low Earth orbit. Now an astronomical expert from the Netherlands claims to have seized the mysterious plane.

The X-37B is in orbit since September 2017 and can not be found in low Earth orbit where it is conducting secret experiments for secret US laboratories. Ralph Vanneberg showed the pictures pretty blurred but thought he was X-37B.

"When I tried to find him in the middle of June, he did not go through the planned time and route, and later he was rediscovered in orbit and I took some pictures on June 30 and July 2," he said.

The American mysterious airplane caught on the cameraPhoto: Ralph Vandenberg.
The plane was shaped like NASA's miniature space shuttle, which has now retreated. "It's really a small object, so do not expect details of photos taken from below." We can recognize the nose, tail and even a few small details, "says Ralph.

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At least two X-37 units are made by Boeing. The length of the plane is 8 meters, and the wing's distance is 4 meters.

This last mission arrived from the Kennedy Space Center on September 7, 2017. In April last year, he noted that he was in space for 600 days.

The US Air Force very rarely provides information about airplane operations. It is known that it can carry loads up to 4,990 kilograms.

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