Wednesday , September 28 2022

A habit of removing snots with difficulty becomes dangerous, that's the reason!

[ad_1] – Exhaled air from the nose is difficult to get rid of sopholes in cold or nasal congestion. However, is this user safe?

Reporting from Timesofindia, this method actually made the worse flu. A test conducted by Dr. Owen Handley and other Researchers at the University of Virginia showed that coughing and sneezing causes little pressure on the nasal cavity compared to snot.

In fact, coughing and sneezing produce only one-tenth of the pressure that is produced by too strong dumbbells.

Besides, when a person sows the sack hard, then about a millimeter of slime enters the sinus. This activity also gives a high pressure to the nasal cavity, which is equivalent to the readings of human diastolic blood pressure.

Although it is not clear whether the entry of mucus into the sinuses may be dangerous or not, but the penetration of viruses or bacteria into the sinus when you are sick can cause infection.

Symptoms of flu and cold. (Shutterstock)
Symptoms of flu and cold. (Shutterstock)

The best way to deal with a dead nose is to slowly get rid of snots. You can also take a medicine for decongestant to relieve nasal blockage. This is to prevent excessive pressure build up in the sinuses.

You should also start treating flu. Do not wait a day or two to see if the flu will heal alone or not.

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