Wednesday , June 7 2023

A wedding party spends $ 10 billion? Tanya Nadira: I don't know, Mom


Tanya Nadira's second marriage was very luxurious and festive. Tanya heard, Tanya poured money up to Rp 10 billion. When asked budget married, Tanya did not want to answer and give the money to mom.


"Here, just give me the money to buy a house," he said as he joked when he met in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (6/8).

"Nothing, it's better to just deposit up to Rp 10 billion. There is no such thing, ”he continued.

The Tanya and Abdulla Alvi marriage series really took place seven days and seven nights in a number of luxury locations in Jakarta. Of course, if one thinks that the cost of marrying Tommy Kournyavan's ex-wife is very fantastic, reaching even billions.

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"It's actually the way we pack it anyway so it's deliberately not luxury. So it's actually normal for people to just marry their children. There must be splashes, recitations, deliveries. But they usually do it in a day , two days, well, it's packed with a single mother, so the goal is to make a crack, the recital invites only this, as my family is extremely large, my mother's friends too, so separately so they don't accumulate "Even in the building, crazy people go beyond the invitation," he explained.


Inviting all family, relatives, friends and colleagues, Tanya gave everything to her mother. Including the wedding fund, Tanya claimed that she knew nothing because the mother who arranged everything.

“How much, I don't know, Mom. What is certain is not up to Rp 10 billion, half have not arrived. I think the one who makes the reception will say it Royal Wedding. Royal Wedding It's just a name, ”Tanya said. Oh gun / wine

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