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Activists question the commitment of Andica Percasa to human rights


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo or Jokowi officially installed Andika Perkasa as Chief of the Army Unit (KSAD) today, Thursday, November 22, 2018. Several human rights organizations, however, address the issue of bringing the Andean man in line with human rights.

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Ural Director Al-Arap questioned Andika Percasa's intention to resolve cases of human rights violations. He said civilian leaders need support from the military to solve this issue. "Without this support, it is difficult for civilian leaders to resolve cases of human rights violations," Al-Araf told Tempo.

Al Araf also stressed that this inauguration was heavier than the political elements because Andica was considered close to the people's circle in the president.

Another with Halili, the director of the Institute for Equivalent Research. He clearly expressed doubts about the progress made in resolving human rights problems under the leadership of the Andean. Although the new position of the Andean he assesses will have little impact on the internal army, but it will be very influential if it is linked to external requirements.

"The demands of many people to use the public court as a mechanism for a military punishment, in my opinion, will be difficult to respond gradually by the army in his hands," he said.

Khalili also predicts that the revision of the Military Justice Act in the hands of the Andean will be difficult. In fact, he said, politics was a highly foreign demand. "Because the court's exclusivity in the military court is one of the bases of immunity, I'm sure in the hands of Andica Percasa that the revision of the law will stand and even go down," he said.

National Commissioner for Human Rights Commissioner Amiruddin Al Rahab has expressed hope for the top leadership of the army. He said that although the army chief of staff was not the highest commander in the TNI, he was a coach of the army, but all his actions had to be based on human rights.

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In order to strengthen the strength of the army in the future, he said that Andica Percasa can really create military units that are not only reliable but also human-friendly. "Of course it should be in the future, it must have a perspective on human rights in promoting the strength of the army," he said.

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