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After Niya, now Thai women claim to have children from Pablo Continent


Jakarta – When Ray Uthami's husband, Pablo Benua, was haunted by a case of "salty fish," reported by Ferus Rafic, a woman named Nia April Silahahi appeared. There Nia said she was a legitimate wife of Pablo.

But after Niya's confession, another woman, Areia Jason, has a similar story. This Thai woman claims she has a child from Pablo Continent. However, it is not yet known whether Arieya is married to Pablo or not.

Jason's confession was written on his Instagram. There he showed the child he called if his father was Pablo Continent.

"This is my child with Pablo, I grew up in Indonesia," he writes in Thai when viewed from HOT.


From history, Ariya admitted that at that time his life had been separated from his biological child. He also said that Pablo Continent had deceived him.

"This is the last day I brought my child and he allowed me to go back to Thailand by tricking me into finding out what documents I do not know, all of them, the family, planned to leave me and my child," he said.

Ariya Jason can only pray every day so that his children remain in good shape. He also infatuated Pablo Continent with no heart because he had separated him from his baby.

"Every evening I can only pray for my child to be happy and be a good child," he said.

Concerned about Areia Jason's curse, there was no response from Pablo Continental. Currently, Pablo is held by the police for the ITE Law case, reported by Sonny Septian's wife, Fairuz A Rafiq.

Prior to Areia, Nia April Silahali also claimed to be the legal wife of Pablo Continent. Niya pointed out that Pablo had no permission to marry Ray Utami again.

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