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Apologies Galich Ginjar Rejected Feiruz, Barbie Kumalasari: Not disappointed Sih


Jakarta, – Artist of the role of Fairuz A Rafiq rejects Galich Jinjar's apology for the defamation case via social media, known as the "salted fish" video.

Galich's wife, Barbie Kumalasari, who at the time read an apology letter written by her husband in jail, said she was not disappointed with Ferruz's refusal.

"Not disappointed because everyone's rights, yes, that's everyone's right," Barbie said in the tendency area, Mampang Propathan, South Jakarta, Friday (02/02/2019).

Barbie said that essentially, Galich has a good intention of apologizing and acknowledging her mistakes.

As a religious personality, Barbie said, she should be able to forgive one another.

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"Because of the apology, yes, again, yes, we have to be like that. Don't let that happen, we just ignored it later we talk about we apologize again we talk about again, Barbie said.

"Yes, the important thing is that there is good faith, to their respective people," Barbie said again.

Reported earlier, Galich wrote a letter of apology to Feruz, which was then read by Barbie.

Responding to Galich's apology, Feiruz said his patience was over and the apology was too late.

According to Feruz, in fact, Gallich does not need to say sorry at the moment. Galich also has no need to regret his actions.

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