Monday , October 3 2022

Asteroids as large as the pyramids near the Earth overnight, harmful?


Illustration of an asteroid.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – An asteroid with the size of the Gaza pyramid last night, Thursday, July 24, 2019, passing near Earth. But this cosmic rock passes only from there.

Although there are fears of falling asteroids on Earth, so far these celestial bodies are usually burned as soon as they enter the atmosphere, the site reports. Live science,

There are other reasons not to worry. If you hear about the approach of asteroids to Earth, it means that NASA has seen and accurately track its path in space. The found pre-objects (NEO) are tracked by NASA.

The Planet Earth Coordination Service (PDCO) monitors and evaluates them the years before they are close to Earth.

The real (though small) danger comes from small to medium asteroids that fly under NASA's radars and in theory can come out of the sky at any time – although such events are very, very unlikely to endanger our lives.

However, the jet engine test engineer Emily Cramer said about Live science in an unpublished interview, 90% of NEO, more than 1 kilometer, can be traced, but average asteroids with diameters between 140 and 400 meters are not widely known.



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