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BCA shares interrupt, stable and stable top-of-the-range recording


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The highest-yielding issuer, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA), again broke the record for the highest stock price in history recorded on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX).

Market data suggests that BBCA's stock price is closed at 1.58% to a level of 30,525 / unit of shares during which trading has touched the Rp level. During the year, the shares of BMA increased by 17.4%.

The market capitalization value of the company is 752.59 trillion Rp. BBCA is increasingly complicating its competitors to pursue the market capitalization of companies that are at the top of the list.

In addition, market data also notes that BBCA issuers are the most actively traded stock exchanges with a transaction value of 374.65 billion IDRs and a trade volume of 12.29 million units.

Foreign investors also gathered quite a lot of shares in BUCU IV, realizing a net purchase of 102.62 billion rupees.

During the year, the yield registered by the BBCA reached 17.4%. Then, if investors pour funds to buy the Djarum Group's official publisher, the result would be 32.57%.

In the short term, based on a technical analysis, BBCA's share price has the potential to continue to grow. As the average traffic is 5 days (5 days moving average / MA5) The company's shares are still under the price of shares of BBCA.

For information, where the MA5 line is under stock price movements, there is still potential for the company to continue to record profits in the near future.

Chess! BBCA returns a record and translucent RpPhoto: Refinitiv
Yellow Line: BBCA shares,
Purple line: MA5

One of the reasons for this issuer continues to attract market participants due to the corporate actions of companies that intend to renew a bank.

Director BCA Santoso said the intention was not passed on to the public as it is still being prepared.

– We open a discourse on [akuisisi] another. The bank still does not know. This is part of the consolidation, "Santos explained.[Akuisisinya] this year, if you can not, next year. But that's all in our plan, "he said when he met in the BI program and OJK Halal Bihalal in the Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, on Monday (6/9/2019).

BCA was first registered on IDX (the former Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange) on May 31, 2000, releasing up to 662.4 million shares at the original price of $ 1,400 per share.

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