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Dear Vendor, Check your mobile phone or not

Jakarta – For mobile phone vendors, check the IMEI number of the mobile phone that is being sold. Because if ordered when the IMEI is applied, then the device can not be connected to the services of the cellular operator.

SDPPI Director General of Kominfo, Ismail said that for small retailers who have not yet sold stocks of mobile phones, they are called to report to the Ministry of Industry first.

Later, the government will provide special requests to report to IMEI the number of these merchants. Currently, the planned app is not published by the government.

"Traders are given the opportunity to report or perhaps more technically, traders check the stocks, whether the IMEI is registered or not at the Ministry of Industry," he said in Jakarta.

"For example, he has 10 mobile phones, he said, it turns out that eight of them are already in the Ministry of Industry, perhaps in the Import of TPPs or the production of TPP, one of them is safe, which means legal HP" Ismail continued.

Meanwhile, if two mobile phone vendors apparently have their IMEI number not registered with the government, then this should be reported first.

Director General of SDPPI Ministry of Communication and Information in Ismail.Director General of SDPPI Ministry of Communication and Information in Ismail. Photo: Agus Tri Haryanto / detikINET

"Later, an application will be made to help merchants report this," the SDPPI General Director said.

Then what is the treatment of unregistered mobile phones?

Ismail revealed that the government in the IMEI regulation is being prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Information, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Commerce to discuss their fate.

"There are several options, it can be chosen, but that does not mean that it will be decided later, for example, it can be sold but pay taxes, for example." How to pay to facilitate merchants or to do not pay, simply sign up.

These options are being considered by the government so that later the IMEI rules will not end with losses for phone vendors, especially for small merchants scattered in the regions.

So far, the three ministries are still working on the IMEI regulation. The plan, Aug. 17, will be the moment of signing each of the ministerial regulations. For implementation, Ismail said that he is still being discussed by ministries, including related parties.

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