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Defeated Bilbao, Barcelona Need Neymar?


Bilbao – The defeat of Athletic Bilbao shows that the Barcelona front line is less violent. Does that mean Blaugrana needs Neymar?

Before the match against Bilbao in San Mames on Saturday (8/16), Barcelona fans called out the name Neymar of Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu. They called on the club to send the Brazilian home.

Barcelona are rumored to be recruiting Neymar after releasing him to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. However, transfer rumors continue to hang today.

Barcelona are increasingly calling for a transfer after losing 0-1 to Bilbao. In this match, the defending champions of the Spanish League could not play the injured Lionel Messi.

Initially, Barcelona relied on Antoine Griezman, who was bought by Atletico Madrid for € 120 million. However, the French player failed to make the maximum contribution …

Together with Luis Suarez and Usman Dembele, Barcelona does not really scare opponents with their best players. The visitors made just 2 shots in the goal against Bilbao.

Defender Jordi Alba admits his team plays poorly. According to him, Barcelona was still confused when building attacks.

"The intensity is good. However, in some parts of the game, we lost concentration and had no idea when trying to attack. But LaLiga has just started, we will be better. We can do better," he said. March.

With Messi injured and Griezmann less than optimal, the situation in Barcelona was made increasingly difficult, given that Luis Suarez was actually injured. The urge to bring Neymar echoed on social media.

Some fans believe Barcelona should bring Neymar out to overcome the crisis along the front lines. However, some have refused to return the Brazilian player to Camp Nou because they were too disappointed to leave him two years ago.

Barcelona now hopes that Messi and Suarez will recover quickly, and Griesemann will soon be united. However, no one can guarantee that everything works as expected. Does this mean that Neymar should return to Catalonia? It is an interesting prospect given that the new LaLiga transfer market will close next September 2.

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