Monday , October 3 2022

Discard Google+, Google is making new social media again


Google Continue to experiment with new products and services. Indeed, the search giant has recently discarded social networks Google+ after several years it did not show significant development compared Facebook or twitter,

Linked to this, it seems that Google can not stop and now they have created new social media. Yes! Google has just launched a social network known as Google shoelace, It's repeatedly Google to try its luck in social space.

After stopping on Google+ in April 2019, Google returned to its starting point by Shoelace. The name of the social network is more about the different features to "unite people". This is based on activities and events that happen near or around your city.

Google has mentioned that Shoelace aims to "fill your social life" with the ability to do things with other people who have similar interests. Yes! This has become a new platform for Google users who have common interests.

Users can organize and participate in events called "contourHyperlocal application is somewhat similar to Facebook eventIn a sense, Shoelace is a useful social media for those of you who have just moved to a new city and want to meet people around.

Shoelace itself is a product coming out of Google's joint workshop Zone 120, which aims to facilitate connections in the real world. Unlike other social media, Google has released this new service on a smaller scale.

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So far, Shoelace is limited to testing in New York, USA. The developer plans to import these social media into a number of other cities. Unfortunately Google does not want to know which cities will be visited by Shoelace.

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