Tuesday , March 21 2023

Do I get dizzy after eating meat? Watch out, maybe these 3 reasons


TRIBUN-MEDAN.com – moment Eid al-Adha being synonymous with a culture of sharing flesh sacrifice. Either a goat or a beef can be landed in your home and processed into delicious food.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy processed meat as it pleases. Some people often complain of dizziness and pain when eating meat.

throw Hello, healthy, dizziness after eating meat can be caused by 3 things.

1. meat allergy

Frequent dizziness after eating meat can be caused because you are allergic to meat.

Yes! If foods that cause allergies are usually milk, seafood and eggs, there are some people who are allergic to meat.

Allergic reactions cause the body to produce histamine, a compound that is important for maintaining endurance.

Histamine will react excessively and cause itching, nausea, sneezing or dizziness.

In general, all livestock meat can cause allergies in sensitive people.

For now, beef is one of the most common forms of meat allergy.

2. Food poisoning

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