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Due to a power outage, West PLN brought an action


Illustration of a power outage. (Antara)

BANDUNG WETAN, AYOBANDUNG.COM– The Association of Consumer Protection Institutions (PLPK) of West Java has filed a class action lawsuit against PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) from West Java distribution to Bandung District Court, Tuesday (13.08.2019).

The Chairman of the PLPK Presidium in West Java M. Imam McFudi Noor said the lawsuit was the result of an eclipse that occurred on August 4-5, 2019. The interruptions are believed to have hurt all PLN and material users .

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He went on to say that the case was based on Article 46 of the Consumer Law No 8/1999 on Consumer Protection and Regulation No 1/2002 of the RI Supreme Court.

"We have officially filed a case against the distribution of PT PLN West Java and registered with number 313 / PDT / 219 PN Bandung on 13/08/2019," he told a media team at Bandung District Court on Tuesday (08/13/2019).

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He explained that the power outage event, which happened in early August, had his party prepare a number of court case materials in advance. According to him, the case is related to services for all consumers, especially in West Java.

"Our institution is most empowered because it is based on the mandate of the law. We are inclined to the Consumer Protection Act if others are concerned with electricity," he said.

In the meantime, the team of Counsel M. Sandyan Xiah said that after the case was registered, his party was just waiting for the court timetable. He claimed that compensation claims submitted to PT PLN varied depending on the length of the eclipse.

"This lawsuit represents all end-users as a household class. Compensation claims for intermittent losses vary. RI material averages Rp 100,000 per user, R2 material Rp 500,000 and R3 material Rp1 million per customer electricity service. calculates to Kwh. " he concluded.

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