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Endurance remains excellent without medication


By: Anisa Trik, Jakarta – Artist caught with drugs is countless. The latest comedian, Three Retno Praudati, or known as Nunung, adds to the long list of artists who have been caught with drugs.

Nunung claims to use drugs as endurance enhancers and maintain endurance. Similar reasons have been revealed by a number of other artists who have been caught by drugs, for example, their colleague from Srimulat, namely Doyok, who was captured before the year 2000 for methamphetamine consumption.

They reasoned that if the profession as an art worker needed drugs to maintain endurance and relieve stress.

In response, the sociologist at Gadjah Mada, Derajad S Widhyharto, expressed his opinion.

"Not only celebrities, drugs have long been the cause of their use for productivity," Vidhyharto said.

Although the resistance of the body is strongly influenced by the immunity of the body. Factors that cause the body to become fatigued, including:

1. Eat unlimited

Frequently, time-bound work-related constraints make you less aware of food intake. Not only do you eat only the food you want or even you are forced to eat available food, regardless of its nutritional content.

In fact, food patterns are very influential on the immune system. If you can not eat 4 healthy foods perfectly, choose foods full of vitamins, fiber and low fat.

2. Lazy movements

Few people think if exercises are not important. In fact, if you are lazy to move your body, you will weaken the immune system.

A number of studies have shown that regular exercise, in addition to increasing endurance, can also increase the release of endorphins, natural hormones that increase the sense of health and happiness.

3. Strict diet

Often, to achieve the ideal body weight, different instantaneous ways become a choice.

You may feel happy when the eating program works, but you have to be vigilant because your body is actually tortured because so much loss of substance is necessary to the body.

This, however, will break the immune system. Similarly, if a diet uses certain drugs, and not rarely, the substances contained in the medicine actually weaken and damage the immune system.

Stay Late

In general, sleep is one of the basic human needs that need to be fulfilled in order to maintain the metabolism of the body. In fact, sleep is often the most effective medicine for treating various diseases.

Just say that when the influenza virus attacks, enough sleep is the most effective medicine that makes the body fit again. Medical enough sleep can increase immunity because during sleep there is a process of rejuvenation and recovery of energy in the body and brain.

5. Smoking and alcohol consumption

For smokers, smoking is certainly a fun and sedative activity. But do you know that smoking reduces the immunity of the body? Not only at the risk of developing cancer and coronary heart disease, smokers are also at high risk of contracting infectious diseases, especially in the respiratory tract.

This respiratory tract infection may prevent mucosal function from disposing of microbes or inhaled foreign bodies.

At the same time, the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages can affect liver function, which plays an important role in maintaining the immune system. Believe me, water is the best liquid to consume from the body.

One production in the body is free radicals, which are molecules that can damage other cells in the body. By consuming antioxidants, free radicals can be neutralized, thus preventing damage to the body.

A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients containing antioxidants can increase the body's protective system to fight infections. So that the antioxidant intake is filled, multiply the consumption of green vegetables and colored fruits such as fruits, oranges, kiwi, apples, red grapes, spinach, cabbage, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.


Some relaxation techniques can act to reduce stress, improve the immune system and restore body health. A number of studies conclude that those who are diligent in meditation can improve the immune system's responses.

Always remember if medicines contain dangerous substances that are slowly ready to damage your body. Applying a healthy lifestyle and reducing stress is the best way to naturally increase your stamina. (Far / PS)

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