Thursday , July 29 2021

Explanation of the password against the rejection of Bali residents

The proposal of Vice President 02 Sandiaga Uno for Halali Tourism Development in Bali was rejected by the provincial government or tourism developers. The Prabowo-Sandi Regional Bailout Authority (BPD) in Bali protects.

Bobby's BPD Prabowo-Sandi volunteer director, Fabian Andrianto Cornellis, said Sandiaga's idea was not to implement halal tourism with a Sharia model. He said the offer of halal tourism was in the form of a guide to the location of the mosall or halal mosques or restaurants on the island of the gods.

"Bali is a tourist destination, and Halal tourism is not Shariah tourism. Halting tourism is a guide, so we can get halal for them because this community is not Muslim. Fabian by phone, Tuesday (26.29.).

Meanwhile, the National Grant Authority (PIB), Pabovo Subianto-Sanjidga Uno, said the discourse could add Bali's new identity. By adding a new identity to tourism in Bali, it can open up investment opportunities.

"The term proposed by Sandy, I think it's not about changing the existing one, just adding a new identity that can open the door to tourism we were not in. The term we are the largest Muslim population," said the spokesman for BPN Prabowo-Sandiaga, Rahayu Saraswati (Sarah) Jahohidikusumo in the DPR complex, Senegal, Jakarta.

According to him, adding a new identity to tourism in Bali can open up investment opportunities. Sarah also turned to countries that are not the majority of Muslims but opened up investment in Islamic banks.

"So that's just a matter of opening the door. Again, the one who rejects it is their right, "Sarah said.

For Bali residents, the idea of ​​a password is considered to be wrong. The Bali Commission II for tourism has questioned the idea of ​​"halal tourism", which was initiated by Vice-President 02 Sandiaga Uno. The President of the Bali II Commission, Bhutan, said that without the halal branding of tourism, the number of visits by local and foreign tourists from the Muslim countries to Bali remains high.

"The largest is the number of locals who come to Bali, the average for the country is 75-80% more Muslims, including foreigners from Uzbekistan." If they enter a restaurant, they should ask what halal he knows too are invited to restaurants that are considered halal, Suvayi said on Tuesday (26 February 1989).

Bali Governor Wean Koster stressed that he was not interested in replacing Bali's branding with cultural tourism. Until now, Koster added, without halal labels, there were already many tourists who could arrange restaurants or Halala needs. He also has no plans to specialize in a field like halal.

"I do not think there is no problem without a halal label, we already know," Koster said.

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