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Fahri Husaini launches Indonesian team in the AFF Cup for up to 18 years


Jakarta – Indonesia's under-18 national team coach Fahri Husaini has announced a list of 23 players to be relegated to the AFF Cup under 18. Fahri hopes to get the best of this choice.

Fihri returned three players after having previously collected 26 players. Ahmad Rusadi, Coman Arta and Septa Figo were repatriated.

Fahri explained that the 23 players who were taken to the AFF U-18 Cup have always shown improved results during training camp. It is not easy for Fahri to choose the main line-up because there are many potential players.

"These players are the best and they contribute and always improve their performance. They are also in line with the criteria I always have. Physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects," Fahri said.

"I will take advantage of the time that is available. After the last trial against Persicassi, I became more focused on the players that are now and who can decide which players will be brought to Vietnam," he continued.

Fahri also asked for his support for all Indonesian people to do their best. Players will fight it.

"We are asking for prayer and support from Indonesia's football community. Do not let us fight alone in Vietnam. I am optimistic that if we can support ourselves, success will come naturally," he added.

The Indonesian national team under 18 is scheduled to fly to Vietnam on 4 August. In the AFF U-18 Cup, Indonesia occupies Group A, along with Myanmar, the Philippines, Laos, Brunei Darussalam and Timor Leste.

Following are the national teams under 18 in the AFF 2019 Cup:

the goalkeeper: Hernando Ari Sutariadi, M. Riski Sudirman, Adi Satrio.

the back part: Fadhil, Komang Teguh, Salman Alfarid, Bayu Fiqri, Amiruddin Bagas Kahfa, M. Yudha Febrian, Riski Ridho, Fajar Fathur Rahman, Alfeandra Dewangga.

Central: Brillian Aldama, Theophilo Noume, David Moulana, Beckham Putra Nugraha, Ahmad Imam Zakiri, Randy Juliania, Brief Fatari, Mohammad Supriadi.

in front of: Amiruddin Bagus Kafi, Sutan Diego Zico, Saddam Emirudin.

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