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Familiarize yourself with the type of plastic container that is safe for storing sacrificial meat


CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 11/08/2019 11:46 WIB

Jakarta, CN Indonesia – Plastic containers for storing food and beverage containers are a common thing. But you must recognize the type of plastic container that is safe for storing food and beverages. That is, to avoid harmful substances in plastic, it can also be carried in food.

Because not all plastic is safe to use. Some plastic containers are designed to be reused. However, some plastics produce hazardous materials after several uses. Some plastics are easy to recycle. But there are plastics that need complex processing to be recycled.

Earlier, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) had suggested not wrapping the meat in black cracking because the plastic contained substances that could compromise the quality of the meat.

The contents of this dangerous substance can be separated into food or drink if the plastic packaging is exposed to heat. For this reason, keep plastic containers away from heat and note that they can maintain up to what temperature. This information is usually located at the bottom of the package. If not, it is a good idea to avoid hot contact on the container.

For this reason, it is worth recognizing the type of plastic container that is safe to use for the packaging, storage and serving of the sacrificial meat of this Aid al-Adha.

Based on the types and uses of plastics, there are seven categories of plastics used for food storage. This type of plastic can be known by the numbering, which is usually on the back or under plastic containers and packaging.

1 – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET / PETE / Polyester)

Familiarize yourself with the type of plastic container that is safe for storing sacrificial meatBottled beverages usually use PET bottles (CNN Indonesia / Hesti Rika)

PET is commonly used to store food and drink in containers. Because plastic has a strong ability to prevent oxygen from entering and damaging its products. This type of plastic also helps to avoid carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks.

Code 1 PET, widely used for packaged beverages. This package contains antimony trioxide or carcinogen that can cause cancer. The longer the food or liquid is stored in PET packaging, the more likely the antimony is to enter the food. Especially if the package is exposed to hot temperatures.

2 – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is commonly used as a shopping bag, juice storage, shampoo and medicine bottles. Not only can it be recycled, HDPE plastic is also relatively more stable than PET and safer for storing food and beverages.

However, several studies show that if packaged under UV light, it can produce estrogen-mimicking chemicals that interfere with the human hormonal system.

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