Tuesday , March 21 2023

Find a glitch in the iPhone, Apple is offering $ 1 million


HERE, Las Vegas – Apple Inc. offers $ 1 million to cybersecurity researchers to find iPhone vulnerabilities.

This competition was held by Apple in the midst of the issue that the government could get access to the mobile phones of journalists, human rights defenders and people who oppose them.

Apple said the competition is open to all researchers and the most valuable discoveries will receive rewards that they call "generosity."

$ 1 million in prizes are only given for remote access to the iPhone core without any action from the user's mobile phone.

Previously, Apple has given $ 200,000 in prizes to people who find bugs known as iPhone security holes.

Apple will also provide researchers with an iPhone that has been modified, including some security features removed.

Reuters A number of private companies, one of which is Israel's NSO Group, have been reported to be selling hacking services to the US government to gain access to mobile phones.

The NSO insists that they have developed the technology for intelligence and law enforcement purposes to investigate criminal and terrorist cases, not to spy on journalists or silence critical people. (Inilah.com)

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