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From 1992 to 2019, 2280 HIV / AIDS cases were detected in Merauke


Illustration. Photo source: – Between 1992 and 2019, Merauke had 2280 cases of HIV / AIDS, 1272 cases of HIV and 1,008 cases of AIDS.

As stated by the secretary of the Committee on AIDS (KPA) of Merauke, Papua Republic, Dr. Stevanus Osok, in Jayapura, Tuesday (6/8), cited between,

Stevanus explained that from July 1992 to December 1992, HIV monitoring began and six HIV-positive people were identified, two were Indonesian and four were from Thailand.

According to him, women ranked highest with a percentage of 52, 1% or 1189 cases, and men 45.8% or 1,045 cases, unknown at 46%.

Although age-based, it continued, most were 25-49 years old, 1348 in total, with a 59.12% rate. As for the age of five and under 70.

According to Dr. Osok, there are 10 activities that have been started to tackle the growth rate of HIV / AIDS in Merauke, including through communication, information and education.

"All state institutions that transmit information about HIV / AIDS are good and true in all forms so that people know about HIV / AIDS," he said.

In addition, he said, the next step is to control all sexually transmitted infections (STDs) by controlling and setting up reproductive health centers. "The venue is an umbrella center for IMS control activities at Merauke Regency," said the former Meraukee Health Department head.

The next step, according to him, all pregnant women undergo VCT to prevent the transmission of HIV. If found, treatment should be performed to prevent the child from contracting.

"VCT is targeted at target groups and it is risky to find an ARV with help," he said.

The condom strategy is also one that is implemented fairly rigorously, especially in the Sex Worker Groups (CSS). Every month IMS control is performed. "If found positive, it means not using a condom because it is pretty strict about condom use," added Stevanus Osok. (Anj / Sik)

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