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Governor of Riau Nurdin Basirun, occupied by KPK OTT, only 6.2 billion IDR in LHKPN


JAKARTA, – KPK captured Governor Riau Nurdin Basirun along with five more people in the Riau Islands on Wednesday night (10/07/2019). These include allegedly illicit licensing transactions.

Viewed from the site, Nurdin includes obedience to the presentation of the LHKPN at every level of his career as a civil servant.

For the first time, he produced a report on the wealth of the CPC when he was regent of Karimun from 2006-2011.

The last time he submitted LHKPN was May 8, 2015, when he ran for governor of the Riau Islands. It was reported that the total assets at that time were 6,262,965,447 Rp.

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The bulk of its assets are real estate in the form of land and buildings worth 4,683,119,564 Rp.

There are 10 land and buildings, all of which are in Karimun. While the movable assets he owns are in the form of transport equipment worth 380 million rupees.

According to reports, the chairman of the DPW of the Riau Islands Nasdem had a Honda CRV from 2005 and Honda Jazz 2013. He also had precious metals worth 200 million Rp and other movables worth 260 million Rp.

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Finally, current Nurdin accounts and cash equivalents reported to KPK amounted to Rp 739,845,883. LHKPN shows that Nurdin has no debt or receivables.

Earlier, KPK arrested six people in a fishing operation in the Riau Islands province on Wednesday night. One of the guarantees was the governor of Riau Nurdin Basirun.

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"The regional head is at the provincial level, then the head of the department takes care of the maritime affairs, then he heads the department, the PNS and the private sector, which we check and clarify in the police," the KPK spokesman told the DP Jakarta. night.

It is assumed that the transaction is linked to the authorization to locate the Riau islands reclamation plan. In this operation, KPK provided $ 6,000 in Singapore dollars. KPK suspects that confiscated money is not the first receipt.

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