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Holds Rp 1,750 T, This is a buffet shopping list


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– The Warren Buffet rumors have more money that can be used to buy or acquire the next big assets.

Foxbusiness reported Tuesday (6/8/2019) that many were disappointed with Berkshire Hathaway's owner. The company has recorded a swollen sum of money and has surpassed the record of $ 122 billion, or nearly Rp 1,750 trillion.

Earlier, Buffet had also said that if this amount is in cash, the amount exceeds expectations. In a recent letter to shareholders, Buffett addressed major acquisitions, which he called "elephant acquisitions."

"In the coming years, we hope to move most of our excess liquidity into a business that will be permanently owned by Berkshire," Buffett writes.

Buffett is an "Strapper" investor who has invested in many high-balance sheet companies. Although there was none but Buffett, his right-hand man Charlie Munger and his closest confidants really knew what was on the Berkshire shopping list.

Wells Fargo is one of the companies on the list. In addition, there are at least 12 companies that are claimed to be on the following list:

  1. Altria
  2. Bathroom beds and beyond
  3. CBOE
  4. Capri Holdings
  5. CNX middle partners
  6. Technological solutions
  7. Cummins
  8. EQM Midstream Partners
  9. Micron Technology
  10. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  11. tapestry
  12. City outfits

Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, which has many subsidiaries. The company is listed as holding a number of blue chip stocks in portfolios worth over $ 170 billion, or about Rp2447 trillion.
At the end of the last quarter, Berkshires at Apple was valued at more than $ 50 billion. Not only that, the company also recently increased its holdings in Bank of America to 950 million shares, or about $ 28 billion.

Other companies in which Berkshire has a significant investment are American Express, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and Goldman Sachs.

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