Wednesday , September 28 2022

Hotman Paris Shocked See the Simple Barbassars and Gali Ginander Barbie Houses, Here's the Reaction


TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The famous couples, Barbasal Kumalassari and Galich Ginander, later become more and more interesting material for the Indonesian people.

In addition to the "salty fish" case between Galich Ginander and Ferruz A Rafik, Kumalassari Barbie was also in the spotlight for the super-gorgeous house that was not his.

Kumalassari Barbie had admitted to a museum as her home, now revealed the original house occupied by Kumalassari and Galich.

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Seeing the house, which turned out to be very simple, Hotman Paris Hutapea, as a lawyer for the Ferus party, felt shocked.

Because all this time Kumalassari and Galich claimed to live with wealth, and recently claimed to have a diamond ring of up to 1600 carats.

But it turned out that the house he occupied was actually very simple and was in a narrow alley.

Hotman's surprise in the house occupied by Kumalassari was shown through his personal profile at Instagram @hotmanparisofficial on Tuesday (07/09/2019) then.

Upon uploading, Hötmann distributes screenshots of gossip showing a simple house to a woman whose real name is Kumalassari Muchlisa.

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The view on the terrace of the house is very simple.

On the wall of the creamy colored house there is clothes for clothing.

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