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If you do tourism, these 5 cool destinations on the planet Mars


Clouds of cotton on Mars. (NASA) – It's no secret that people are ambitious to occupy the planet Mars. Both NASA and private space companies are preparing to plan trips to Mars.

Even one of the space companies made by Elon Musk, SpaceX, has prepared the design of human homes and headquarters when they arrived on Mars.

Musk said he planned to send two unmanned BFRs in 2022.

In addition, Mars bases will be monitored by aircraft-powered robots.

In 2024 there will be two unmanned BFRs and two BFRs.

Design of the Mars House. (AI Space Factory / Plompmozes)
Design of the Mars House. (Twitter_ElonMusk)

Mars has days and seasons that are very similar to Earth.

The rotation period and the inclination of the axis of rotation are very similar to Earth, so scientists are very confident that future humans can occupy Mars.

If you really love Mars, there are some cool places that can become a new tourist destination for humanity.

Here are five great destinations for tourist attractions on the planet, quoted by Mars space:

1. Olympus Mons

Illustration of Olympus Mons. (NASA / MOLA Science Team)
Illustration of Olympus Mons. (NASA / MOLA Science Team)

Olympus Mons is the most extreme volcano in the solar system.

Situated in the volcanic Tarsis region, its size is almost the same as the state of Arizona, USA.

The mountain is 25 kilometers high, making it three times higher than Mount Everest on Earth.

The average slope is only 5% and scientists believe that this mountain can be climbed by people.

The peak is phenomenal, namely the spectacular 85-kilometer wide pool formed by magma space that loses lava.

2. Collect volcanoes Tarsis

Illustration of a collection of volcanoes Tarsis. (NASA / JPL)
Illustration of a collection of volcanoes Tarsis. (NASA / JPL)

After climbing and fatigue at Olympus Mons, you do not seem to have to move away from the Tarsis region.

The area has 12 giant volcanoes in a 4,000-kilometer zone.

Like Olympus Mons, the Tarsis Mountain also has super large dimensions.

There are three volcanoes over 20 kilometers, such as Ascrases Mons, Pavonis Mons and Arsie Mons.

This is much higher than the height of Everest, which is "only" about 8.9 kilometers.

3. Valles Marineris

An illustration of Valles Marineris from space, looks like a black scratch. (NASA)
An illustration of Valles Marineris from space, looks like a black scratch. (NASA)

Mars not only has the largest volcano, but the Red Planet has a giant gorge.

According to NASA, Valles Marineris is about 3000 kilometers long.

This makes it four times longer than the Grand Canyon, which is about 800 kilometers long.

4. Northern and Southern Poles

Illustration of a Pole on Mars. (NASA)
Illustration of a Pole on Mars. (NASA)

Like Earth, Mars has two ice regions at both poles.

In winter the temperatures near the north and south poles are so cold that carbon dioxide condenses from the atmosphere in ice on its surface.

The reverse process is in the summer when carbon dioxide returns to the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxide completely disappears in the northern hemisphere, leaving a layer of ice water.

5. Medusae Fossae

Illustration of Medusae Fossae. (NASA)
Illustration of Medusae Fossae. (NASA)

Medusae Fossae is the strangest place on Mars.

Some alien hunters even suggest that the area may be a place to hide UFOs.

The site is a very large volcanic deposit, the size of which reaches one-fifth of the size of the United States.

There are beautiful rock formations as a result of a volcanic eruption that is believed to have occurred 500 million years ago.

This was the coolest place on Mars, which could turn into a future tourist destination that you would like to visit?

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