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Interference between BPN Prabowo and Jokowi TKN on "Photo Operations"

The photographic operation during the presidential election in 2019 was debated after the current presidential candidate, Josko Vicodo, was charged with harmonious family communication through a photo session in the presidential palace. The national winning body (BPN) Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno and the national team of Jokowi-Maurafur Amin throw their own hints.

Fadley Zong, who was one of BPN's Prabowo-Sandiaga debaters, was questioning Jokowi's picture with his family, which he considered to be images. This was due to the fact that many journalists took part in the shooting.

"mbok yes, the director is better in the design of the images, for example, he would like to give the image of a harmonious family in Bogor's botanical garden. But there are too many reporters. Journalists must be 2 or 3, and later they will haveshare"It's up to 100 people, so the image has expired," Fadley said in a discussion at the National Secretariat of Pabio-Sandi, Jalan HOC Coco-Maminto, Menteng, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (12/2/2019).

The Gerindra General Assembly then compares it with the photographic operation in the US presidential election. According to him, the emergence of harmonious family images is made to get an impact. However, as he did not understand the theory, Fadley continued, even a brutal image appeared.
– In theory photo operation there is a theory in the US presidential election called Photo Ops. Indeed he deliberately gave an image to receive impact sure that we are really a harmonious family. "It was done neatly, (temporarily) a brutal rendering was done because it did not understand the theory," said the deputy chairman of the House of Representatives.

Fadley associates the family photo with the candidate's eligibility number 01, which he claims to have been suspended, so he needed images. In fact, he also compares Jokowi with the sixth president of the republic, who is considered more relaxed when faced with the presidential election for the second period.

The photo referred to by Fadley was made at the end of 2018, showing Yoki's unity with his family at Bogor Palace. On Saturday (12/08/2018), Jokowi invited his family to make a healthy walk together, then continued the session of questions and answers with reporters.

At that time, Yokov's family opened their lives to talk about politics. On this occasion Jokowi invited his wife Iriana. Then there were two children Jokowi, Gibran Rakabuming and Kahiyang Ayu. Jokowi's youngest child, Kaesang Pangarep, was not there because he had to leave town.

The owner of BPN Prabowo vs. TKN & Photo Operation & of JokowiJokowi and his family open their mouths to reporters. (Muchlis Jr. / Press Office of the Presidential Secretariat)

Djokovic's two daughters, Selvi Ananda and Bobby Nazaw, have also been part of the first-ever family reunion program. Djokovi's two grandchildren added the reunion, Jan Etes and Seda Mira.

For journalists, Jokowi told me that it was difficult to get together with the family because, as a head of state, he had countless activities. However, he also showed how close he is to children and grandchildren, even though he is busy. Photographs showing the crowd of reporters listening to Jokowi's openings were scattered in society.

The following day, Jokowi united with his family, which was recorded in a monochrome frame by Dr. Tampi. Photo with background The presidential palace was uploaded by Jokowi at Instagram on Sunday (12/09/2018).

In the picture, Jokowi and his family sit on the trees with the same formation. Jokowi sees himself seated next to Jan Ethes. On the right was Etes' father and mother, Gibran Rakabunging and Selvey Ananda.

Selby and Gibran were staring at Jokov's newest member, Seda Mira, who was in a baby carriage. Seda Mira was accompanied by Iriana Djokovi and her parents, Caiyan Ayu and Bobby Nazawa.

"As a parent I am always grateful, He has given to the children who are independent and carry their own responsibilities. Some sell coffee, some sell marabac, some also sell fried bananas," Djokovi told posting-yours.

"And with the presence of two grandchildren, a man and a woman, thank God, I have finished. I enjoyed their presence so much. If I was out of town, at work, I always talked to grandchildren, especially my grandchildren. video call"The family is always there to motivate, encourage and increase enthusiasm," he continued.

As for the photo operations syndicate, Jokowi-Ma'arf TKN spokesperson Ace Hasan Syadzily expressed his confusion over Fadley's criticism, which links the Jokowi family's photo shootings to US presidential elections. He also asked Fadley to fix his mind. Then the politician Golcarr touched the harmony of the champion's champion Fadley Zon, Pabrovo Subianto.

"Just what needs to be corrected is Fadley Zon's own mind, who politically judges the picture, because because of Fadley's presidential candidate, Zon does not have a family that can not be called photo shoot– said Ace.

Vice-President of the House of Representatives of the Commission VIII said that showing harmony is very important. Ace said this could be a reflection of people.

"The harmonious family is a mirror of the sustainability of a nation. How can you lead a nation while creating a harmonious family, you just can not afford it?" call it.

The palace answered the clarification of Fadley Zon's intentions. Vice President of the President's Secretariat for Minutes, Press and Media, Bay Mahmudin, said the latest news about President Yokov and his family has indeed been published in the media. Including a series of photographs of the president and his family interviewed by journalists from the Bogor botanical garden adjacent to the presidential palace in Bogor on December 8, 2018.

"It can be surrendered, in fact, it is not the intention of President Jacob Viddo's family to take a picture together with reporters, but the truth is that President Jozo Vicodo and his family have received joint interviews with media reporters because of the many interviews," Bay said.

He said that during the interview, it happened that Jokowi family members, with the exception of Kaesang Pangarep, were in the presidential palace in Bogor. So, Bay said, Djokovic has also agreed to ask all his family members for the interview.

"Thanks to the president's dense agenda and accidentally all members of the family were in Bogor, it was decided that the president would get an interview at a Grand Garden café, which is located in the Bogor botanical garden on Saturday December 8, 2018. , he explained.

Linked to a different picture, he said it was natural. "This is also the result of the numerous media interviews that want to take the president's time with his family," Bay said.

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